MIDI Chord Quantizer

App & Audio Unit MIDI effect for iPhone, iPad with iOS 12.0 or later

QuantiChord is a MIDI effect that generates chords from incoming notes and quantizes the results to a pre-defined scale. It can be used as a standalone application or as an Audio Unit MIDI effect plug-in.

The chord is generated by adding up to 8 transposed notes to the original note played. Once the chord is generated, it is quantized to limit it to the selected output scale.

The application supports full internal and external MIDI connections for input and output. An internal sound bank is included.

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  • Standalone application and Audio Unit MIDI effect plug-in

  • 8 transposing sliders from -24 to +24 semi-tones (+/- 2 octaves)

  • 1 global transposer slider

  • Scale quantizer

  • Lockable parameter protection when switching presets

  • Resizable keyboard

  • Multitasking

  • Sample-accurate timing

  • Internal sound bank

  • Receiving MIDI from external MIDI sources

  • Internal routing of inputs, outputs

  • Send MIDI to a virtual port that can be used as MIDI input by other "Core MIDI" compatible applications

  • Random creation of presets

  • Presets browser

  • Full support of "Split View" and "Slide Over"

audio units

Audio Unit MIDI effect plug-in included

quantichord screen-1

Full MIDI connection support

  • Virtual "Core MIDI" connections between applications

  • iOS compatible MIDI interfaces

  • MIDI over Wifi


QuantiChord Introduction

A video introduction to QuantiChord. The presets used in the music video are "The Power", "Too Easy" and "Augmented Major 7th".